Creating An Amazing Business-Life

We help our clients in this one core concept.

We advance and employ a collection of proven strategies to realize an

Exceptional Business and Life

We help clarify three primary things in seven meaningful steps

Envision The Ideal

1. Do a Life Plan
…well documented goals.
…life by your design, not by random.

2. Set The Stage
…craft the ideal environment.

3. Know Your Gifts and Values
…do what you love, with those you love to do it with.

Pay Attention

4. Be in the Moment
…embrace and live in the Now!

5. Value yourself
…know what you’re worth, and attract it.

6. Care for yourself
…intend to be healthy.

Be Allowing of The Ideal

7. Stay in Good Grace
…positively honor, speak and be the truth.

What Do We Do?

We help professionals in the Financial Services Industry create an Amazing Business-Life.

We work with wealth advisors, financial planners and their teams to help them reach the highest levels of accomplishment both professionally and personally.

We assist Planners and Advisors who are ready to do so, advance their business into Experiential, Client Centered practices.

How We Do It?

We take our clients experientially through their own Enhanced Life Planning process so that they may benefit first hand from the gift of life focus clarity.

We aggressively concentrate on Practice Development, Process Development and Practice Management…using a mix of one-on-one coaching, executive team consulting and full team session dynamics. We then assist the client, together with their leadership team, through a strategic planning process we call EnVisioneering©. We then assist the team towards realizing that vision.

We do so because we believe the Financial Services Industry is underway with dynamic transformational growth, evolving from a product focused & marketing focused industry to that of Client Focused.

We are passionate about aiding and assisting in this transformation.

Who Do We Do It For?

We do this predominately for independent wealth advisors, financial planners and their teams.

We work primarily with seasoned professionals who for years have serviced their clients investment needs fairly and effectively but now realize they need to adopt, change and grow. They need to improve their relationship with their clients.

We assist the early adaptors to this newly categorized movement referenced as Life Enhanced Financial Planning, especially those who believe they have actually been “doing it” for years, but in a more informal, less systematized way.

We help them master the discipline, apply the skill-set and realize an Amazing Business-Life.

Making an Impact for Financial Planners